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About Us

    Hello, my name is Lordai Essence. I am glad to see HQ sparked interest in you! Growing up, I experienced being the “new girl.” I went to five elementary schools, one middle school outside of my district, and three (technically four) high schools. You might be wondering why I’m listing my nomadic childhood experiences, but these experiences are why I learned the value and importance of personal image. At each school, I controlled the most important thing about a person's image, their first impression. Over the years I came up with a mastered system in order to master rebranding and image consulting.


The rebrand is a reboot. In order to reboot a device you have to shut it down and restart it. Here at High Quality Essence, we not only reboot but also reconstruct so that we take out what has not been working and add in what’s missing. The question that many people find themselves not able to answer while rebranding is “What am I doing wrong?” Well, in order to answer that question you have to answer the question, “Where am I going, what do  I want,” and “Why do I want it?”

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