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What is image branding consulting?

An image branding consultant is a professional who specializes in taking in a client in their current state whether that is mentally, emotionally, physically, or even communicatively, and helps align it with their specific wants and needs.

How can image branding consulting benefit my business?

Image and branding consulting is beneficial to anyone’s personal brand or business because it brings in a new set of eyes that specializes in finding what’s causing stagnation or low retention. Some businesses in their rebrand journey believe they need to add something new to it. Yet a professional image branding consultant knows that a brand is like clay before a statue. The statue was always there, you just had to carve it out. Image branding consultants are beneficial to anyone starting a rebrand journey. 

 How long does it typically take to see results from image branding consulting?

You can expect results instantly! It may not be physical results, but partnering with HQE, after one meeting your vision of your future self or business is clearer than before!

How does image branding consulting differ from traditional marketing strategies?

Image branding consultants differ from traditional market strategists by specializing in the future longevity of one’s personal brand or business. Image branding consultants usually won’t consider going along with trends because a trend might fit your marketing but not the future of your brand. They are usually thinking of your future brands instead of focusing on the only ones you have at the current moment.

What should I expect from an image branding consulting session?

Expect mental challenges and accountability. Accountability for doing things for too long with no results but the same input. You can expect to leave with a vision of your future self or brand that you’ll never be able to forget, even if you try. Expect to join a community of individuals on the same journey as you who are also looking for like-minded people like you. Expect to become your own personal coach because when your essence becomes high quality it’s hard to want anything less than that.

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