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New Level, New Schedule.

Updated: May 20, 2023

Throughout this game of life, change is inevitable. Each new level in life requires changes in a new mindset, skill, and schedule. You have to remove what doesn’t work and add what will. In order to have a schedule that adapts to the changes that life brings without bringing self-defeating stress, you have to formulate a personalized routine that caters to your daily needs. Meeting your daily needs allows your cup to remain full while you pour unto others. You must remember that if you haven’t poured into your cup how do you expect others to pour into it? You can not also be the only individual in your circle pouring into others because who will pour back into you when you need it the most? As you level up your schedule should level up too. It should cover four categories that produce the mental toughness you’ll need in order to become the future version of you. It should build up your physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual health. Personalizing a schedule is creating a routine that is easy to master because it pours back into the individual who masters it.

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